The Local Snow Report - December Storms Coming

The Local Snow Report - December Storms Coming

After a month of warm temps, no snow, and spring like conditions; it looks like winter will return to Mammoth Lakes this week. Some forecasts are calling for as much as 6 feet over the next week, starting tonight (12/8) and Thursday (12/9).

Mammoth Mountain Snow Report

Snow Conditions: We really need some new snow. On Wednesday (12/8), it was super windy and most of the mountain was like an ice skating rink. There were some windblown, powder-like turns here and there, but overall conditions were pretty rough. However, things are changing this week and we should have fresh powder to ski/ride starting tomorrow.

Weather: It is going to be super windy with really low temps into the single digits overnight Wednesday and we are expecting a foot of snow through Thursday. Absolutely beautiful weather if you ask me. We will have a little weather break with some sun Friday into Saturday, then the real storm arrives. We are all hoping for 5+ FEET of new snow from this potentially week-long weather event starting on Sunday evening.

Weekend Outlook: Make sure you have all your warmest, most waterproof gear if you plan to to hit the slopes Thursday (12/9), its going to be a storm day. We should have some fresh powder and clear skies on Friday. By Saturday you'll probably have to search for fresh lines, but the groomers will be extra good with the refresh of snow. Big storms often mean that not all lifts will be running. I wouldn't be surprised if "The Top" isn't open at times, but it will likely be open on most of the weekend. Be prepared for a long drive home if you are leaving Mammoth Sunday evening when the 2nd storm arrives. Keep your eyes on road conditions early next week because when there is several FEET of snow on the ground there can be road closures.

Mammoth Mountain Park Report

Park Report: The park is largely unchanged with a new feature at the top of Unbound. The pictured pole jam to pyramid to jersey barrier looks pretty fun, but it's definitely intimidating. There is still one small jump with a variety of mailboxes and rails in the park. I would expect a major change up at some point over the next week because all of the current features are going to get buried in fresh pow.

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