The Local Snow Report - POWDER, Powder, and more powder!!!

The Local Snow Report - POWDER, Powder, and more powder!!!

Thanks for checking out our Mammoth Mountain Snow Report. Mammoth Lakes got dumped on early this week and we are already half way to the 100" of snow that was in the forecast. The only problem is people come out of the woodwork on a pow day and the lines get a little long.

Mammoth Mountain Snow Report

Snow Conditions: Mammoth Mountain got hammered with snow earlier this week. In fact, it was so much snow that the Mountain was closed all day on Tuesday (12/14/21). It was very windy and cold today (12/15/21), so there was a nice thick crust and wind buff across most of the mountain, but you could bust through it pretty easily and there were plenty of fresh pow turns to go around. They never got the top open, so there is still a ton of untouched powder for anyone who wants to get after it tomorrow or this weekend. This heavy snow is going to set us up nicely for the rest of the season.

Weather: We are still trying to hit that 100" forecast and it could happen with the snow coming in tonight, tomorrow and next week. Look for about a foot of new snow by tomorrow afternoon (12/16/21) with the sun coming out Fri-Sun. Then we have an entire week of snow in the forecast starting next Tuesday (12/21/21). It is going to be a very white Christmas in Mammoth Lakes.

Mammoth Lakes Snow Forecast

Weekend Outlook: Most of the fresh pow on the lower and mid mountain has been tracked out, but we have a foot in the forecast for tomorrow and the mountain will get a refresh. The top hasn't been opened since the 3 to 4 foot of snow fell on Mon/Tue, so if it looks like they are going to open the gondy to the top, get in line ASAP because it is going to be NICE! Expect some crowds, but the whole mountain is scheduled to open this weekend, so people will be able to spread out. I think chair 9 is going to offer some amazing runs too; it hasn't been open all season and the snow is piled up on that side of the mountain.

Park Report: As of right now, there is no park, it has been buried with fresh snow. I anticipate a complete rebuild of main park with the addition of forest trail park and probably the chair 4 park. I am not sure how long it will take for them to build all new features, so I wouldn't expect much park action for a week or so. Who goes in the park on a pow day anyway?

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