The Local Snow Report - Still Shredding Mammoth Mountain in May

The Local Snow Report - Still Shredding Mammoth Mountain in May

Thanks for checking out our Mammoth Mountain Snow Report for early May 2022. It is almost summer and we are still shredding with great snow coverage and sunny days. What is it like skiing or snowboarding in Mammoth in May? How are the snow conditions at Mammoth Mountain in May? Well, continue reading.

Mammoth Mountain photos May 2022

It is actually really fun skiing and riding Mammoth in May if we have enough snow. There is rarely a lift line and the sun is out almost every day. Even though this year was a lower than normal snow year, there is still plenty of white stuff to slide on. There is no sign of the dreaded strip of death, yet, and groomers are smooth until late in the day on the less busy runs. The sweet spot tends to be 9:30ish to 11:30ish depending on how hot it is. Hard groomers in the morning can be pretty icy in spots, then changing to soft snow and then slush. My best suggestion is to ride the lower lifts earlier in the day and then move up the mountain as it heats up.

We do have some potential weather coming in this weekend. Expect some strong winds Fri-Sun and then maybe some snow Mon or Tues. Snow in May? Yup, it can happen, but I don't think it will be enough to make for any pow turns.

Mammoth Mountain Terrain Park May 2022

As for the terrain parks, they are still pretty fun with plenty of features to challenge yourself and smaller features if you just want to dork around. Main park has one huge kicker and 10 or so expert level jibs and rails. In forest trail you will find a couple smaller jumps, a couple mid sized jumps, and dozen or so easy jibs and boxes. The parks are currently the most crowded runs on the mountain due to the influx of pro & semi-pro riders that come to mammoth at this time of year, but there is still plenty of room to spread out and have fun.

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