The Local Snow Report - Week of New Year's Eve

The Local Snow Report - Week of New Year's Eve

Mammoth Lakes has been getting absolutely walloped with storms over the last week. These storms were actually under forecast and much of the town has been struggling to dig out. Mammoth Mountain has not been able to open most of their lifts since before Christmas, but that is about to change.

Mammoth Mountain December 2021 Snow

Snow Conditions: Mammoth has more powder than we know what do with. Mammoth Mountain has received about 100" of snow since December 23 and that is on top of about 70" earlier in the month. The reality of this much snow is that it creates significant avalanche danger and even on the few non-storm days they were not able to open more than half of the mountain. If you were lucky enough to catch chair 22 or chair 3 during the few hours they were open this week, conditions were all time. Expect powder across the mountain with the best conditions on the lifts that have not opened since the snow started flying a week ago. If you see the upper Gondola, chair 23, chair 9, or chair 5 opening up, get in line fast, it'll be a run you'll never forget.

Weather: It has been snowy with blizzard like conditions for most of the week. The sun popped out twice this week for a few hours and that was the window of opportunity to shred 10+ feet of pow. It looks like we will have a few days of sun through the weekend and the possibility of more terrain being opened is on the horizon. Bundle up, because even if the sun is out we are going to have some of the coldest temps we have had in years.

Weekend Outlook: There are more people in town right now than I have seen in quite a while. If you are going out to dinner or hitting the grocery store, go early or you'll have a long wait. Sun in the forecast looks promising and everyone is hopeful more of mammoth mountain will open in the next few days. There is a massive amount of snow on top of a ice skating rink, so don't expect lifts to open just because it is sunny. Avalanche danger is a real concern, but be ready, because when the upper mountain lifts are opened the conditions will be epic. Expect massive crowds with long lift lines and parking issues, it's best to take the shuttle to the mountain.

Park Report: There is way to much snow for the park right now. I wouldn't expect many jumps or rails to be available for a few weeks. Go ride pow!

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