The Local Snow Report - Nov 4

The Local Snow Report - Nov 4

This is our first official Mammoth Mountain Snow Report. We call it The Real Snow Report because we offer the only independent snow report in Mammoth Lakes; from an unbiased local. I will try to update conditions 1-2 times a week, so check back often. The above photo of Cornice Bowl was taken on 11/3/21 around noon.

Snow Report Mammoth

Conditions: Coverage is great and there are some great turns on the mountain this week if you stay on the groomed runs, but keep an eye out for sections of rocks/dirt. Things are pretty icy in the morning turning to softer snow in the early afternoon. Later in the day it gets pretty slushy and chunky. The face of Chair 3 looked really bumpy and icy, but there were people skiing it. I also came across some dirt and rocks on Rusty's heading into Broadway. I would advise to avoid those two runs and try to ride between 10am & 1pm for the best conditions. Bonus: There have been little to no lift lines since opening day, so it's pretty easy to get in as many runs as you can handle (see above photo).

Weather: It has been absolutely beautiful up on the hill this week. Today (11/4/21) we started to see the wind picking up, but there has not been a cloud in the sky. Essentially, it has been sweatshirt riding weather. It looks like Mother Nature might have some more snow for us early next week. Do your snow dances and let's hope for a pow day mid-week next week.

Weekend Outlook: Expect pretty nice weather this weekend with the potential of some changing weather on Sunday. There will likely be little to no lift lines because most people came for opening day or they have reservations for the scheduled opening day on Nov 13. Parking can be a little tricky because the only access to the mountain is at main lodge. Plan on taking the shuttle from town or using the parking shuttle. The parking lot will look packed, but on the mountain it has not been crowded.

Mammoth Mountain Park Report

Park Report: The park remains unchanged from opening weekend. There are a half dozen or so jib features located about half way down Broadway. There is a quadruple step down rail, a pyramid/rail, a wall ride, 3-4 traditional rails, and a box/rail combo. Conditions deteriorate pretty quickly in the afternoon and it's super icy early, so mid-morning is your best bet for the most fun.

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