Wolly's Tube Park Review - Mammoth Lakes, CA

Wolly's Tube Park Review - Mammoth Lakes, CA

They completely remodeled the tube park in Mammoth this year, so we decided to go check it out. If you have been before here are the updates - It is in the same location, but the tube run is orientated differently, there is a new covered people mover (magic carpet), the run is a lot longer, and it is a little less steep. This activity is fun for kids of all ages, so don't fell like you have to be a kid (or have kids) to enjoy this activity. It is actually a lot more fun than you would think.

Mammoth Mountain Tube Park

The first thing you will notice upon arrival to the tube park is the large covered people mover that has been installed. This is a huge improvement over the tow rope that they were using for uphill traffic in previous seasons. It runs a little slow in my opinion, but it can be easy to fall in if you aren't paying attention, so it is understandable why they made it the speed they did. 

Woolys Tube Park in Mammoth

The tubing run is a lot longer than in the past, but it is less steep. The old tube run was pretty steep and super fast, almost scary fast (even for adults). Don't get me wrong, you still go pretty fast on the new tube run, so don't expect a super mellow ride. At the top you can ask the lane attendant to give you a spin; here is what happens. They also extended the time block you get to go tubing from 1 hour to 2 hours, so you have plenty of time to get in as many runs as you want. All in all it is pretty fun experience and it is totally worth the $60ish it costs to go, just make sure to get reservations and buy your tickets in advance because I believe this activity often sells out, especially on holidays and peak weekends.


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